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Playing at mobile casinos is now more popular than on desktop or laptop. To play the best Vegas slots on mobile devices, including iPad, iPhone and Android devices, please choose one of the casinos listed below:


Mobile Casinos

With an increasing number of visitors to our site using mobile devices, it is important to have a page that explains how and where to play real money casino slots and games on mobile.

Mobile casinos support almost all devices these days, including Android cell phones, iPhones and Tablets (like the iPad).

However, there is a huge difference in quality between the casinos. Only best mobile casinos allow you to play the best slot machines on mobile phones and tablets.

This is because the old casinos have not yet updated all of their 'download only' or 'Flash' games to support mobile.

Whilst some casinos are amazing on mobile, others do not offer a very big range of mobile slots, or they run slowly.

The good news is that we have researched the latest mobile casinos, tested them and come up with a list of the very best to help you choose a place to play.

We test every month and update the list, so what you see here is the very best available right now.


Android Casinos

Android is the most popular operating system out there for mobile slots and casino games.

Most casinos that have a no-download option will be perfect to play slot machines on an android phone.

Android phones include HTC (like the HTC One S, the HTC Evo 3D and the HTC Rezound) and Motorola (like the Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX and the Droid Bionic).

Samsung devices also tend to use Android and the casinos for Samsung phones are truly amazing these days. Slots are amazing on Samsung S5, S6 and S7. In fact, they are pretty darned good on the old Samsung S4.


iPad Casinos

Out of all the devices you can play casino slots and games, my favorite, by a mile, is the iPad.

When I play casino games on an iPad, I feel a bit like I am actually in a casino, especially with the slot machines.

The big reason is that when you play slots on iPad, you actually physically tap on the spin button, which is just the same as you do with the machines in Vegas.

iPad have nice big screen, really good resolution, the sound quality is good and there are some awesome slots being made for iPads, especially the games by IGT and WMS.

Even the iPad mini is really good for slots. If I was looking for the perfect device, on a reasonable budget to play slots, it would be the iPad mini - nice screen, small enough to carry around and gives a more immersive experience than a phone.


iPhone Casinos

The iPhone is really nice device and like the iPad, it has a slick interface, amazing graphics, a nice intuitive browser and top quality screen resolution.

Up until recently, I didn't like to play slots on iPhone but now things have improved a lot. Especially with the new iPhone 6, where the screen size makes all the difference

I still think the iPad is better, but the IOS on iPhones is good and good enough to play for money.

If slots are not your thing and you prefer to play video poker or blackjack or roulette, the iPhone is a superb device.


Tablet Casinos

Tablet casinos are really popular now. The slots on Android tablets are now just as good as on iPad. In fact, you now get more casino slots for Android tablets, than IOS.

If you are looking to play slots on a tablet computer, then your options are huge. All of the main slots producers have adapted games for tablets.

That said, you do need to be careful which casino you choose to play. If you use the list above, you will find the best slot machines games for tablets.


Mobile Gambling

Whichever mobile device you are using, there are good slots and casino games available for you to play.

The trick is finding the best online casinos for your specific device. If you use the list shown at the top of the page, then you should be very happy, because our system detects your device and will show you the best options.

These casinos have world-class slots and casino games, they are safe to play and they are regulated, meaning that the games are guaranteed to be fair.


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